Decorating your first home 

If you are a young adult and looking to move from your parents house to your own, or maybe you’re tired of living in a small apartment and wish to buy your own house and live there, this article may prove useful. 
Moving into your first house is a liberating experience, but it may seem difficult. Here we will provide a few helpful tips that will make your life easier. 

Before even making an offer on a new place, sort your old home first. This is a great way to stay ahead in the game and it will make it a lot easier to move once you actually buy the new house. Go through all your stuff and make sure to get rid off of all the things you won’t need. This way you will go to your new house with opportunities to decorate it as you please and from beginning. Get rid of that wobbly furniture in the attic, faulty appliances, accessories you got as a present but you don’t use. You will be amazed at how much stuff you won’t miss.

SONY DSCOnce you’ve moved, the best room to start is with the bedroom. That’s the room you will spend at least third of your time, and comfortable sleep is very important to feel like you’re at home. If you’re on a tight budget and want to save in certain areas, don’t save on this room, buy as well as you can afford to spend in this area. If you have some money left over you should paint the walls to complement your new bedding, add coordinating window treatments as well.

Common mistake when moving to a new place is spending a lot of money on things in the first few days / weeks. What you shouldn’t do is buy everything at once. Spend at least two months in your new house before deciding on some big projects and redecorations. What you have planned for the house and how you will actually use it, may be very different things, so that major bathroom make over budget will maybe go into remaking the living room.

Classic_roomWhen you go shopping, fight the urge to match things. Retail stores love to promote the idea that everything has to match, they would love for you to buy everything in sets, but don’t do it. You can go with few pieces of the same style but anymore than that is bad. You should avoid the ideas big companies promote as a good looking room decor and just go with your own style. Your top priority should be proportion, scale and balance. Which means don’t shove huge objects into small rooms and the other way around.

If you’re stuck with old furniture that doesn’t go well with other things you have in the room, the good way to bind it all is by painting the wall in an unifying color. If that seems like too much hard labor, find rugs, curtains and similar things that will do the same.